Leasing VS. Buying a Vehicle in Savannah. - What's the Difference?

Finding a vehicle that you like is just the first step of the process. The next is to determine whether you will buy or lease it. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate through automotive financing alone. Those who live nearby in Pooler, Hinesville, and surrounding areas have only to visit us at Peacock Hyundai in Savannah, Georgia, to receive assistance from financial experts! For your convenience, we outlined the differences between buying and leasing a new car below so you can learn more. Then, when you are ready to proceed, make your way from Richmond Hill, Garden City, or wherever you are our to our dealership and finalize the deal!

Leasing a Car

Want to drive a brand new model for an affordable price? Then you will want to consider leasing. With a new car lease, you will save more money than a purchase because monthly payments are often much lower. This is because the vehicle is still technically under dealer ownership. As a lessee, you are therefore required to maintain the conditions agreed upon in the contract-such as keeping up with regular maintenance and returning it within a predetermined mileage count. In turn, you will face less expenses and may even be exempt from a down payment. At the end of the term, you have the choice to then pay off the remaining price to establish ownership or exchange it for the lease of another.

Buying a Car

Want to modify and drive your vehicle as you please? Then you will want to consider buying instead. Unlike a lease, a new car purchase will grand you sole ownership. While payments are higher as a result, the model is ultimately yours to modify and drive as much as you like. You will even have more options at your disposal because you are not limited to new products but can choose those listed in our used car inventory as well. Not to mention, you will save more money in the long run because buying is in many ways an investment. That is to say, you will be free of expenditures for numerous years after the final payment is made.

Speak with a Peacock Hyundai Financier for Further Guidance

These are the basic differences between buying and leasing a car. However, to learn more, we advise you to schedule a consultation with a financier at Peacock Hyundai today. Simply contact us online or call (912) 480-6746 to set aside a date. When you arrive for your meeting, our experts will then sit down with you and go over the details in person. This will enable you to ask questions on the spot. Once you are confident in your decision, our experts will then help you secure a deal  that will benefit you best.