Four summer-friendly amenities on the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Summer is right around the corner, so now is a great time to come into Peacock Hyundai Savannah to buy or lease a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport so you can get comfortable behind the wheel before taking off on your big summer adventures!

Here are our favorite features that you can find on the Santa Fe Sport lineup that we think are perfect for the summer months.

YES Essentials Stain Resistant Seats: ice cream, french fries, and burgers are popular summer eats, but they aren't exactly car-friendly foods. The YES Essential seats that are standard on the Sport trim repel sticky, gritty, and oily spills. The other trims have easy-to-wipe-down leather seats.

Hands-Free Power Liftgate: summer usually involves a lot of gear, like grocery bags filled with brats, burgers, and buns, plants to hang on the porch, and big coolers for a day by the water. Instead of placing your stuff down when you need to load up, simply get close to the tailgate to activate the hands-free technology; no silly foot-waving necessary! You'll find this on the 2.0T trim.

Slide & Recline Rear Seats: you may get to control the temperature and music as the driver, but your backseat passengers — especially young ones — get the perk of sleeping on long summer drives up to the camp. Their snoozing will be extra comfortable, too, thanks to the slide and recline seats that are standard on the 2.0T trim. The plus side for you is having to listen to fewer arguments!

Ventilated Front Seats: get the top 2.0T Ultimate trim and you'll get ventilated seats to keep you extra cool during summer. This feature is greatly appreciated on those hot morning commutes.

To see how great of a summer ride the Santa Fe Sport can be, stop into our dealership for a test drive. We have a fine selection of trims to choose from, ensuring you find the right Santa Fe Sport that fits your budget and has everything you want!

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